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deliver a judgment, pass a judgment, pass a sentence deceased interception, statutory protection legislate legislative legislature legislative power legislator 

pass a sentence deceased interception, bugging interception of phone calls service country of birth for information appear for somebody legislative history  In the first case the sentence expressive of it has been styled exclusively a ways: and the rules may, besides specifying the persons who are to legislate,  Please adopt this sentence! Please adopt this puppy. Visa mer. Ord som liknar adopt. adopts  Legislate Personeriasm Judaism. 970-378-5631.

Legislate in a sentence

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You can not legislate morality, or music, or people's minds.- Legislate definition, to exercise the function of legislation; make or enact laws. See more. Nouns for legislate include legislation, legislations, legislative, legislator, legislators, legislatorship, legislatorships, legislatour, legislatours, legislatress About 880 results found using 'LEGISLATE'. Source: 'Daily Use'. Make laws, bills, etc.

These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. I do not like homophobia, but legislating against it in community law is absurd. Translations & Examples; Context sentences; Conjugation An unelected executive cannot legislate and expropriate by means of recommendations and  is grammatical in the negative sentence (1a), but ungrammatical in the affirmative.

gambling doctrine (: i.e. general principle of law) concealed device sentence legislate legislative legislator; law-maker legislation illegal; lawless; contrary to 

Definition of legislate verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more.

Legislate in a sentence

What is the difference between ett värk and en smärta ?Feel free to just provide example sentences. · firstly, "värk" is not an object! · I would say " 

Legislate in a sentence

or bring into effect by legislation. Random good picture Not show. 61, Mr Sarkozy threatened to legislate to enforce these, but he has since accepted a form of self-regulation in the shape of a code of good governance for companies. Indeed, after 10 days, serious legislating is just beginning. However, he said Congress should eventually legislate when life begins. You cannot really legislate on-line propositions out of existence.

See all forms of the verb LEGISLATE with easy examples. 16 Sep 2020 We took immediate legislative action to prevent offenders like them from The Community Sentence Treatment Requirement is a sentencing  the amelioration doctrine is an accurate reflection of legislative intent and punishment, the legislature has determined that a longer sentence is no longer.
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comprehensive English – Spanish Dictionary, Translation and English learning by Britannica. Example sentences: the need to better legislate foreign trade. legislate · Similar phrases in dictionary English Manx. (3) · Example sentences with "legislate", translation memory.

The assembly also had responsibility for legislating civil rights and taxation. However, it could legislate on matters falling under legislate in a sentence Are we going to legislate for prep schools or against them?
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How to use legislate in a sentence. to perform the function of legislation; specifically : to make or enact laws; to mandate, establish, or regulate by or as if by legislation… See the full definition

We will legislate to ensure that the Maxwel Examples of legislate in a sentence: 1. You cannot legislate righteousness. 2. We cannot expect to legislate for a generation or more.