Kissaki, tantospetsen är vanligen följsamt svängd och inte så tvär som en modern kniv. Tanto betyder för övrigt kniv på japanska, tekniskt sett 


Den Komainu avser O-kissaki bladet. Denna katana har en HWS-1S stålblad med en hårdhet av 58-62 HRC. Bladet har en vacker O-choji Hamon lagret och 

-Signed. $3,300.00. 1 fine NTHK-NPO Goto tosogu wakizashi koshirae available. Aug 5, 2018 - presents L6 O-kissaki katana. The design was inspired by the Master of Fire contemporary sword smith exhibit in the Macau Museum of Art in 2005. The blade geometry is based on shinogi zukiri and the yokote line is defined for o-kissaki.

O kissaki

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2014-06-07 O-Kissaki Killer geometry (wider blade) Custom geometry or dimensions. Saya. Gloss finish (black, dark brown, red, green) Ishime finish (black, dark brown, red, green) Silver kojiri Full-rayskin Half-rayskin Silver strip on rayskin saya Sandan style saya Real Ishime finish (made with crushed charcoal) Rick Barrett - Budogu Fuchi/Kashira/Kojiri - Kissaki (切っ先) and Boshi (Tempered line at Kissaki area) ———-O-kissaki (long and large Kissaki). Fukura kareru (less arc). Midare-komi (body and boshi have a similar tempered pattern), with Kaeri-fukashi (hamon deeply turns back), sometimes Hitatsura (entirely tempered).

Wakizashi - Periodo Momoyama (siglo XVI) Samurajsvärd, Knivar Och Svärd, Geisha, Nambokucho-style o-kissaki katana (Samurai Sword). Samuraj, Knivar  Tillverkningen av katana 刀 återspeglade tidens instabilitet och den blev både bred och lång med en stor kissaki för att ge stark och hård form. Handtagets längd: 5,98 tum/15,2 cm.

Komplett aikuchi- stil koshirae (fästen) och nakent blad. Osoraku : Osoraku zukuri har en extremt lång o-kissaki- typ, över hälften av bladets 

Midare-komi (body and boshi have a similar tempered pattern), with Kaeri-fukashi (hamon deeply turns back), sometimes Hitatsura (entirely tempered). See the above illustration. The tip or point area of a samurai sword that has a ridge line (shinogi) is called a Kissaki. This is the hardest part of the sword to polish and forge and to hand create a quality one would require an extremely skilful artisan.

O kissaki

O By Kissaki. Japanese Restaurant $$ $$ Wynwood Arts District, Miami. Save. Share. Tips; O By Kissaki. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and

O kissaki

O-kissaki(about 7-8cm) Kamasu kissaki for ninjato or shinobigatana. Ornamental Yokote(no geometric when you touch it its plain, just for ornamental) O by Kissaki A new concept rooftop eatery from NYC restaurateur and owner of Kissaki, Garry Kanfer. Owner Garry Kanfer, who has Kissaki locations in the Bowery and on Madison Avenue in New York, as well as in the Hamptons, Long Island City and also more recently in Greenwich, Connecticut, has taken over a rooftop space atop an eight-story A kissaki this long is a big polishing challenge in a number of ways. To begin with, getting it to grow gracefully out of the rest of the blade is seriously tricky. Then to taper the ko-shinogi (that's the sort of long triangle where the upper edge bevel runs off the tip) in a pleasing way, is also difficult. The Tip Of The Blade Is A Shaped Shinogi-Zukuri, And With O- Kissaki , It Was Well Defined With The Hamon Going All The Way Through The Boshi.

Full Hand Forged And Full Hand Polished.-The Blade Was Made Of T-10 High Carbon Steel, And It Has Been Laminated In A Maru Configuration(Single Type Mono Steel). O By Kissaki. Japanese Restaurant $$ $$ Wynwood Arts District, Miami.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for unokubi zukuri O-kissaki Japanese samurai katana sword Clay tempered T1095 Steel at the best online prices at eBay! Kissaki Forget Home - KFH. 339 likes · 49 talking about this.

A particularly short one is called a Kokissaki and was commonly seen on 12th century Tachi swords, the precursor to the Katana. A standard length tip is called a Chukissaki, and a long one, an Okissaki. It appears on some tanto with o-kissaki (long point) that the ridgeline is primarly established by polishing the edge bevel of the point with a lower/different grit and direction than the rest of the edge.
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Ko-kissaki (小切先) (Small Point) It is the size (width) of the point relative to the width of the blade at the machi that makes this a K o-kissaki. In other words, it is found on very tapered blades. Ko kissaki (small point) are found on very old blades, usually from Heian or Kamakura periods.

See the above illustration.